Insurance and Citizenship is the new biannual magazine of the Portuguese Association of Insurers.

With the publication of this magazine, we want to contribute to the dissemination and knowledge of the important economic and social function that insurance can play in the lives of people, companies and society in general.

Revista APS - Seguros e Cidadania

Latest Publications


And after the pandemic...

Edition #07 \ May 2021

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The present and the future of the insurance business

Edition #06 \ November 2020

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COVID-19: Solidarity in the DNA of Insurers

Edition #05 \ May 2020

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Edition #04 \ October 2019

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Europe at a Crossroad

Edition #03 \ May 2019

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Motor Insurance Insurance Distribution Directive

Edition #02 \ November 2018

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Natural Catastrophes and Savings

Edition #01 \ May 2018

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The Portuguese Association of Insurers (APS) is a non-profit association, established according to the law to defend and promote the interests of the insurance and reinsurance companies operating in the Portuguese market. The current APS members account for 99% of the insurance market in terms of business turnover and human resources employed by the sector.