In order to join any member category, APS recommends the previous reading of the Regulation of Associates and other members of the Portuguese Association of Insurers.

To join the Associate category, it is necessary to send the Membership Request Form - Members (in Portuguese), duly completed.

To subscribe the categories of Adherent Member, Subscribing Member-Training, Subscribing Member-Segurnet or Observer Member, and according with the aforementioned regulation, it is required to send the Membership Request form (in Portuguese), duly completed.

It is also possible to subscribe Segurdata Packages Subscription. Check the subscription terms in the Shop section of the Segurdata Portal.

The Portuguese Association of Insurers (APS) is a non-profit association, established according to the law to defend and promote the interests of the insurance and reinsurance companies operating in the Portuguese market. The current APS members account for 99% of the insurance market in terms of business turnover and human resources employed by the sector.